It's worth visiting this page regularly, as lenders are constantly bringing out flexible terms and packages that will help you either save money or retain more profit in your business.

Portfolio Landlords - New Fixed Rate and low fee remortgage packages

Do you have a portfolio of Buy to Let properties with a multitude of lenders? We are continually being asked to help to bring them all under one lender and attractive remortgage packages with reduced fees are now available. We can even arrange forward buying facilities to make future purchases easier to arrange and at attractive fixed rates to make budgeting easier for the future.

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Care & Residential Homes - Relaxation of lending terms

Lenders during the credit crunch have been gradually chipping away at the loan to value ratios they will consider, hoping to improve their security position. This sector continues to be very robust and even though some capital and business values have fallen, demand for bed spaces hasn't and a few forward thinking lenders are relaxing their lending constraints for well managed profitable homes. Do give us a call and see if we can help you restructure your finances.

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Leasehold Business Finance

It is estimated that at any one time there are as many as 20,000 leasehold businesses either getting started, changing ownership, considering expansion, or looking to refinance their existing borrowings and most find that the high street banks have little appetite for supporting them.

The challenges the banks have is that they traditionally lend against tangible business assets or freehold security so when presented with a proposition that includes a trading business with significant goodwill, and the balance of a relatively short commercial lease they often walk away.

We have access to specialist lenders who will lend against the current value of the existing trading business and are frequently the only people who will help out. All leasehold business sectors are covered be it a takeaway, retail outlet, or pub, why not visit the Leasehold Business Finance page to find out more, or, give us a call to see how we can benefit your business and get the funds you need.

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Business start-ups acquiring freehold or leasehold property

Just getting started? If you are buying a commercial property for your business we have a range of flexible lenders who will lend against the property rather than on the strength of a lavishly produced business plan. Contact us to find out more.

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Commercial Bridging Finance

The current challenges with the financial markets in the UK has brought about a tremendous increase in the number of enquiries for Bridging and Short Term Funding we are receiving. Hot off the press are facilities for properties that require light refurbishment, are currently the subject of a 100% retention, not currently lettable due to a missing kitchen or bathroom or the property doesn't meet current B2L criteria. Please click here for further details as to what we have been arranging for our clients and what we may be able to help you with.

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Short Term Finance 3mths - 10yrs

We have now secured access to short term commercial funding where the term is in excess of that offered by the Bridgers who are looking for a defined exit, but less than is normally required for long term funding. Rates by negotiation, LTV up to 70%, flexibility offered in respect of current or past adverse credit information and priced based on the long term exit strategy proposed. Most types of commercial property apart from wasteland and developments considered.

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Development Finance with up to 100% of build costs funded

Most clearing bank lenders, if lending to this sector at all will restrict the amount of money you can raise on both the purchase of the land or property, and the development or refurbishment costs. The use of specialist lenders who are experts in development can allow the funding to be structured in such a way that 100% of the development costs can often be arranged. Contact us here when you are considering your next project.

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Borrowers with past credit challenges or CCJ's

More and more of our clients have had past challenges obtaining credit on a personal basis. This often impacts on their ability to raise money for their companies. Bearing in mind adverse information stays around for up to 6 years, don't despair, we have a group of lenders who can help providing that most of these challenges are behind you, and even some that are not.

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Businesses with out of date or missing trading accounts

Have you changed the nature of your business recently, recently incorporated, or are your accounts so out of date that your bank will not even talk to you? The new breed of non-conforming lenders are easy to work with and they take a down to earth view on the purchase or remortgage you are after often allowing you to confirm your income with limted background paperwork and perhaps just a certificated return from your accountant. Give us a call, they are both more competitive, and more flexible than most people would think.

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Turning Credit/Debit card sales into cash

An opportunity for businesses that are taking more than £3,500 per month on card sales to raise funding now by selling their future card sales. So if you are a business selling goods or services to consumers and the bank are unwilling to help you, this is a fantastic alternative. Any advance is based on card sales over the preceding 12 months. Repayments are made from future card sales processed through your PDQ machine as a proportion of your takings at any one time, so if you have a good trading period you pay off more, when you are quieter you pay off less, so fantastic for seasonal businesses. The monies, subject to trade references and proof that you are up to date with your rent/mortgage, can be in your bank account within 2 weeks for you to use as you choose. Contact us if this could help your business?

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Have you claimed all the Capital Allowances you are entitled to?

If you own certain value commercial properties, furnished holiday lets (legislation pending) or an HMO there is a 96% chance according to HMRC that you could qualify for a substantial income or corporation tax refund. Give us a call it could save you a significant sum. No fees apply unless a minimum of £25,000 in unclaimed capital allowances can be identified.

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It is not always necessary to remortgage to raise new capital

If you are looking to capital raise on your Commercial or Buy to Let Properties it is not always necessary to totally refinance, especially if by doing so you come up against a lender’s serviceability criteria that doesn’t work for you, or indeed have a very competitive lending facility in place at the present time that you don’t want to, or shouldn’t, give up. We can investigate a series of options including Equity Release for certain Buy to Let properties, second charge loans sitting behind your existing lender, charged against your commercial premises if they will agree to that, or alternatively looking at whether it would be appropriate to capital raise on a second charge basis for business purposes against your existing residential home.



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